Do’s and Don’t’s of the Interview Season


Sorry for being away for so long. As you may all know interview season has started and between rotations, traveling, and interview time it’s been a tough schedule. So far I have attended a few of them across the state of Florida. I thought it would be a good opportunity to share my personal opinion […]

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Organ Harvesting


This was one of the most unique and humbling experiences of my career.  Let’s talk medicine first. I learned about the procedure as I was invited to witness it. It is a methodical procedure. The body must receive what is called SPS-1, many IV bags of it, as it serves as a “biofriendly” preservative. Secondly, […]

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Light in Lilac


As Pediatrics comes to an end. I decided to make a post about these wonderful scrubs. They served as my best pal during the inpatient weeks.  EON has recently released a new breathable model that is made especially for us that run around the hospital so many times, we could probably hatch an incredibly amount […]

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Boards are coming!


Hi everyone! As the Olympic Games started it allowed me to take a breath of fresh air. It’s given me so much inspiration just witnessing the determination and drive of these athletes. They fall down, but don’t stay down. They suffer through barriers and from them become champions! The story of one of the athletes […]

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Pediatrics Inpatient


As I get ready to say goodbye to this week in the hospital, I’d like to share my experience. Pediatrics is a field that is instantly enjoyable because of all the cuteness each child can bring in their own little way. Through this short week, I’ve witness some happy stories and some unfortunate ones. It […]

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Loops of Love


What is Loops of Love? It is an organization that was started by my family with the mission to provide a hat to every child battling with cancer. My mom loves to crochet! As a medical student, my everyday life can be hectic and stressful at times. She taught me everything she knows about crocheting. […]

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Study, study, study…

Hello everyone! My life currently consists of studying, studying, studying, eating, and occasionally sleeping. As I enter 4th year of medical school, we have an exam called COMLEX Level II coming up at the end of July. We had COMLEX Level I at the end of 2nd year. And during 3rd year, we had the […]

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My first hug


The day of September 30th, 2015 was a day that all of the past madness began to bring important realizations about the kind of physician I would like to be. As I approached my last patient of the day, I saw a petite Indian woman that sat in the exam room. She did not speak […]

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Are we only numbers?


As we continue our training we tend to lose our sense of self and instead, our main focus becomes loan burden, passing board examination, classes and most importantly, acquiring good scores. We, ourselves, stop feeling as people, and take place as numbers. From the start of our educational system the main emphasis is on grades, […]

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Halsey Badlands


Just wow! Halsey is not only a talented singer but she is also so much fun on stage. It was humbling to witness how grateful she was for each one of us for being attending her concert. Halsey is a new and upcoming artist. She mentioned that last time she was in Orlando she played […]

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